About the Designer

KristyChanel Lindsay is the principal designer of KristyChanel Interiors. She believes that even the most mundane spaces can be made magical, and she strives to meet this magical mark in every project that she takes on. Using her unique blend of classic pieces that have modern twists with unexpected rustic, industrial, or glam touches, she has created a signature style that has earned her a stellar reputation. Her ability to make a room functional, yet still so visually captivating, is what keeps her clients coming back for more.

With over 17 years experience, KristyChanel brings a wealth of knowledge to her projects, having designed private residential interiors, commercial interior spaces, as well as luxury flat models, clubhouses, and event spaces.

"As a designer, I live for the joy that it brings my clients when their interior spaces, holidays, or events are transformed into something magical. My goal for every project is to create a dynamic space that is enlivened by my unique design perspective, without compromising the functional purpose of the space."